Casa Grande

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Bedillons Cactus Garden and Restuarant in Casa Grande
Casa Grande Fine Dining
800 N. Park Ave Casa Grande,Az

For reservations: 520.836.2045

We are open Tuesday-Friday 11:00-2:30 For Lunch 5:00-9:00 For Dinner
Saturday 5:00-9:30 For Dinner
Closed Sunday & Monday

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 Casa Grande's Finest- Bedillons Restaurant and Cactus Garden, 01-27-2015 12:42PM

By: grande

My husband and I recently had the good fortune to visit Casa Grande's Bedillons Restaurant.
We have lived in Casa Grande, myself since 2000 and he since 2007 (Arizona City), yet we had never visited this Casa Grande Diamond.
There is something very special about this place. When you enter their courtyard, I swear to you there is this tree and it has to be Casa Grande's oldest tree. The courtyard at night is magical with all these BEAUTIFUL LIGHTS hanging up and beautiful little cafe sets to sit at.

From the moment you are greeted as you enter this establishment you feel like you are 'home'.
You know that feeling you get when you finally get to Grandmother's home or Mom and Dad's after you have been away for awhile? That feeling of..'letting your guard down' that feeling of "relaxing"?
Well that is exactly the feeling we had when we entered the realm of Casa Grande's finest dining establishment.
First thing you should know is , Make a reservation. Although we didn't realize that when we went the first time, we still were treated like royalty, and LUCKILY someone was JUST leaving and gave us their table!
Honestly we never made it out of the bar area..But to tell you the truth. We didn't need to. It was so amazing. We needed privacy and that is EXACTLY what we got. Privacy, EXCELLENT SERVICE, TERRIFIC FOOD and an AMAZING ATMOSPHERE.
We actually cannot WAIT to go back. This time we shall call ahead. I can't wait to see the inside!!!
I had the Shrimp and my husband the steak..We both had 2 drinks made by the amazing bartender John.
The great part is it was ABOUT the same price as going to those 'other' sports bar places..after drinks and all...prices is reasonable..PLUS...this is sooo much nicer. Elegant even.
Just wanted to share this with you. LOVES this place!!