Casa Grande

Casa Grande
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Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, located at beautiful Picacho Peak at I-10 and Exit #219, is proud to announce the addition of a new exhibit. The Rainbow Lorikeet Forest offers visitors an opportunity to experience a truly unique and interactive adventure. 100 of the brightly colored small parrots known as Rainbow Lorikeets flock to visitors as they enter the 5,000 sq. foot aviary paradise complete with trees, flowering shrubs, waterfalls, and brick walkways. As patrons hold the cup of nectar the birds land on their head, arms, and anywhere else they can find to sit and have a tasty snack. Of course, there are also the ostrich and deer to feed as well as various ostrich products such as ostrich eating eggs, feather dusters, and ostrich egg shells. With such a fun mix of critters to feed there is sure to be something perfect for everyone from the braveheart to the smallest pilgrim. For more information call 520-466-3658 or visit us online at

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